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Pasta Bar
March 7th @ 5 pm


All you can eat, cooked to order pasta bar.
Plenty of ingredients to choose from so you can make each dish your own unique creation.
Adults $17 - Includes soup or salad to start
Kids $9
Call for reservations 218-334-3555  

Where: Spanky's Stone Hearth

34785 County Highway 4, Frazee, Minnesota 56544

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Vergas Event Center Fundraiser
March 9th @ 3:30 pm

Food - All you can eat - Chili and Potato Bar provided by Billy's and SKal
Bean Bag Tournament Register at 3:30 pm at the Event Center or at the Vergas Liquor store
Pig Races sponsored by VIP
Lion’s Bar
Music - Seth Moore Band
Saturday, March 9, 2019

Bean Bag Tournament starts at 4:00 pm
(Limited to 35 teams, may register at the Vergas Liquor Store or mailing to PO BOX 32 Vergas MN 56587)
Must be registered by 3:30 pm.
REGISTRATION IS $30 (Checks made out to Vergas Event Center)

**IMPORTANT RULES: The team listed on top in the tournament bracket shall begin play first.
Each player throws all four bags by alternating tosses with the opposing player. The round is complete after all eight bags are tossed.
The points are awarded as follows: 3 points for each bag made in the hole. 1 point for each bag made on the board. A bag must go completely in the hole to count for 3 points. Any bag(s) that is partially in the hole and partially on the board counts as 1 point.
The score for each round is determined by each team combining their points for all bags in the hole with all bags on the board. The team with the higher total subtracts the opposing team’s points and earns the points of the difference between the two totals. The team with the lower total does not earn any points for the round.
The team that scores more points for the round goes first in the next round. If there is a tie, the team that went first in the previous round shall go first in the next round.
The winner is declared once a team reaches or exceeds 21 points after the completion of a round.

1ST PLACE - $300.00
2ND PLACE - $200.00
3RD PLACE - $ 100.00

Entry Form:
Team Name____________________________________________________
Team Member Name: ____________________________________________
Phone Number: _________________________________________________
Team Member Name: ____________________________________________
E-Mail Address_________________________________________________

We thank you in advance for entering in the bean bag contest to help support our Event Center. Mark your calendar for an afternoon of fun!!  

Where: Vergas Municipal Liquor Store

111 E Main St, Vergas, Minnesota 56587

Source, image, credits, more information & hosted by: Vergas Municipal Liquor Store