Right on target


Justin Roggenkamp and his son, Brice, woke early on a cold day in November.

Rifle season was in full swing, and the two had much work ahead of them before they could begin their hunt. Justin and Brice, like many Minnesotans, love to hunt. However, the father-son duo have other challenges that need to be overcome in order to get that big buck. Brice needs a wheelchair to get around.

Many believe that an individual in his condition wouldn't be able to traverse the wilderness, sit in a blind for hours, or even be able to fire a high powered rifle. With the guideful presence of his father and assistance from the Perham Sportsman's Club, young disadvantaged hunters like Brice can enjoy the outdoors and the thrill of the hunt.

Perham Sportsman's Club has been helping the youth, disabled, and veterans enjoy hunting by making the popular sport more accessible for them. The sport Minnesotans look forward to year round simply isn't an option from some. Many of the individuals participating have never been hunting. The Sportsman's Club has been working for half a decade to change that.

The tradition is supported by club membership fees combined with proceeds raised from an annual chili feed, a banquet, and donations from area businesses. Each year, names of youth and disabled individuals are drawn. The selected hunters then participate in a mentored hunt. This mentor is typically a parent or close acquaintance. If the selected individual doesn't have access to a mentor, the Sportsman's Club will find one for them. The hunt takes place on the Koehler Conservation Property north of New York Mills. This property is a specially prepared for hunters that need just a little more help. 

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