‘Norby Flats’ project will restore 112-year-old storefront in downtown DL

Big changes are coming to the former Norby’s Department Store in downtown Detroit Lake, which closed this summer after 112 years in business.

Three buildings that made up the department store will be renovated on the outside and returned to their original look of a century ago.

The interior of the buildings will be cleared out and rebuilt to hold from one to six retail spaces on the ground floor and 13 unique apartments on the second floor.

Jim Buus, president and managing broker at Goldmark Commercial Leasing Inc., said the project is being independently developed by four partners, three of them associated with Goldmark — which will handle commercial leasing for the project. A different firm will handle apartment management.

The partnership and the property will go by the same name: Norby Flats, LLP.

“The Norby family gave us permission to use the name, and ‘flats’ is for apartments,” he said.”It’s a cool new name that honors the past and still looks forward to the future.” 

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Source, image(s), credits & more: DLOnline | Nathan Bowe | Flickr