Heavy snow adds new element to ice fishing

The snow we have now will add extra weight to the ice. Keep that in mind for traveling on the ice.

We will need a significant cold snap to build more ice now as we have been stuck in the 11-15 inch range for a couple weeks. If the forecast is right , it looks like we will get it this week, too!

The added weight on the ice can also create the risk of slushing and flooding, so pay attention to your conditions after you get set up. Avoid crowding areas will help reduce the risk for flooding.

After the snow gets packed over the shoreline ice ridges, the access points will make it easier to get on and off the lake. Initially, proceed with caution as the snow can hide some of the sharp ice and rough areas to cross. The snow cover can also hide some of the ice ridges and heaves on the lake.

Proceed with caution when traveling across the lakes, especially if you are not familiar with where some of the ice heaves were, as crossing heaves can be precarious and dangerous at times.

Sled travel will be great for those that like to "run and gun" to stay on active bites. Wheeler and vehicle travel will be a little more limiting than the great conditions we had up through Christmas. Do not go too far off plowed roads or trails for this next week. Make sure you have your winter survival kit in your vehicle. Bring good winter gear along with you in the vehicle, even if you are just traveling out to the heated fish house.

Always travel on the ice with a shovel and a tow rope ... just in case. It is always a good idea to have a jumper box or jumper cables as well. It requires teamwork many times to get some situations resolved out on the ice. Tow trucks will not come out to get you. Help others in need, as you may be the one that needs help next time. 

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Source, image(s), credits & more: DLOnline | Brad Laabs