LAKE LIFE WKND 011 Do you know our Oskar yet? You may have seen pictures of our dog on Insta. We spoke with Ryan Swanson from Detroit Lakes about the Small Munsterlander breed and learned what a fantastic hunting dog Oskar will be one day. Ryan is a Small Munsterlander breeder and member of the "KLEINER MÜNSTERLÄNDER" chapter of North America, which is actually a part of the German breeding association. Ryan is a knowledgeable advocate for these traditional hunting dogs which are not a new cross-breed but actually a pure-dog-breed with gens dating back to the 1800's. Hear the full story in our latest podcast and find more lake life on our daily updated website #getoutandexplore #welovelakelife

The development of the Small Munsterlander is hidden somewhere in the middle of the 19th century. After the change of the German hunting law, with the increasing number of hunters and hunting enthusiasts and the systematic cultivation of the game stock the breeding of new German Pointing Dogs began. There are reports saying that around 1870 longcoated “Wachtelhunds” (German Spaniels) were well known in the Munsterland region. These dogs were firm in pointing, they had enormous scenting abilities and were also able to retrieve. More details on the association website