Oh, the 'Pawsibilities'

Local woman opens pet grooming business in her childhood home


After moving back to her hometown of Detroit Lakes this winter, Ann Taaffe decided to open up a professional pet grooming business in the home she grew up in.

Taaffe has been grooming dogs for a number of years in many different settings, since graduating high school. She worked in grooming, as she studied her way to a veterinary technician degree and even got some experience grooming for a veterinarian, before deciding that she wanted to branch out on her own and go at her own pace.

"I started out in a corporate grooming environment .... It's just so busy," said Taaffe, adding that she saw how the hustle and bustle of some places she worked was stressful for the dogs.

After moving on to groom at a vet office, Taaffe saw the difference that working one-on-one with the animals really made, and she decided to keep that calm one-on-one environment when she branched out and opened her own grooming business, Pawsibilities.

"I do feel like the quiet environment helps a lot," said Taaffe.

She says a groomer's confidence in their work makes all the difference, and she feels confident she can do her best work in her new setting, the basement of her childhood home. 

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