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It has been a harsh winter with record temps but we are getting ready for spring. Who has Cabin Fever? We all do—despite the fact that we enjoyed a beautiful winter wonderland in Lakes Country during these past months. This time of year has its own charm and I must admit that I really enjoy the slower paced winter months in Minnesota a lot. There is so much to do and explore during that time.

However, enough is enough and we are waiting for the snow to melt, the grass to turn green, and the trees to fill in with leaves again. It’s coming and it’s coming soon!

For the past years we have been building our WKND community and are very proud to present to you this new and bigger format for our print publication. We are featuring more lifestyle and community stories and grew our content to 72 pages. Whether you live in Lakes Country or come to visit—you may find something new to discover in this magazine. We are very proud to publish an exclusive story about Adam Thielen with an interview of his parents and never released childhood pictures. What a Lake Life story!

To find out what’s happening on a daily basis, go to our website filled with news, more recipes and an area event schedule. Our platform is mobile friendly and a good place to get ready for the wknd! We have also been recording a podcast for the past 2 years and you can listen to interviews from local makers, founders, fishermen, and other lake life enthusiasts. Check out our archive with more than 90 episodes and stories. We release a new podcast every Wednesday to get you ready for your WKND.

We'd also like to invite you to our EXPO event at the Civic Center in downtown Fargo coming up March 22-23. More than 50 vendors showcase lake life on the floor. On stage we have live programs on both days. Find more details in this issue about our event and join us. We charge no admission to explore lake life.

Enjoy this new issue of our LAKE LIFE WKND magazine! We hope to see you at our EXPO event!

Dirk Ockhardt

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