LAKE LIFE WKND 020 tune in to hear Beckie Mitchell speak about the collection of the Becker County Museum, the program, today's challenges to attract visitors, their updated concept and the future of a very impressive new museum to host contemporary science exhibits combined with showcasing local history. The new Museum will also have an event space, coffee shop, and much more to make it a lake life destination in Detroit Lakes. Listen to the full interview in our latest podcast recording and find more lake life stories on our daily updated website #getoutandexplore #welovelakelife

In 1882, the citizens of Becker County recognized the need to preserve the history of the community. The result was the Pioneer Settlers Union, a group comprised of many founding residents, who actively worked to preserve the history of their community as it was happening. In 1924, this organization was renamed the Becker County Historical Society.

The Becker County Museum, founded in 1943, was initially housed in the basement of the Becker County Courthouse. Prior to that time, the "collection" was stored in a closet at the Detroit Lakes Public Library. The President of the Board of Trustees held the key!

As the collection grew, there were plans to renovate the old Holmes School building as a museum. However, a fire in 1980 prevented that from happening. In 1989, the Becker County Historical Society purchased our current building from the Assemblies of God congregation and converted it to the present museum.

Our current collection includes over 14,000 photographs and over 20,000 artifacts. We also have a research library open to the public during regular business hours, 10am until 4pm Tuesday through Saturday. Admission to the Museum, including the research library, is $5 per day for adults. All kids and all Museum Members enjoy free admission.