LAKE LIFE WKND 019 Kevin Schmidt is from Fergus Falls and after a couple trips to Alaska with his brother he decided to buy a fishing boat and start a business fishing Wild Salmon. For the past few years he together with his wife and two kids have been going to Alaska in June for a couple months to fish. Most of the catch is being sold to the local fish canning company but they bring a couple ton of salmon back to Lakes Country where they smoke it and sell to local restaurants and food co-ops. Listen to the full interview in our latest podcast recording and find more lake life stories on our daily updated website #getoutandexplore #welovelakelife

Sunrise Salmon was formed in 2014 by Kevin and Stephanie Schmidt of Fergus Falls, MN. They spend their time outside of the summer fishing season raising their four young daughters and spreading the love of wild salmon throughout Western MN and Eastern ND.

Each summer they make the trek to Bristol Bay, Alaska to the town of Naknek. This is where they make fish camp every June-July for the annual sockeye salmon run. They are considered set netters, who target one of Alaska‚Äôs greatest gems- Kvichak River Reds. This is done with skiffs and a series of large nets and buoy systems on the edge of the bay. They feel extremely blessed to have been given this opportunity to live their summers marked by high & low tide, the barely setting sun and salt water on their faces. The 2019 season will be their twelfth season of fishing in Alaska.