Holmes Theatre thankful for another grant, allowing a new concert series

Theatre in the Park, Thursday Trucks and Tunes, numerous plays and many more events that are happening this summer are possible because of the Historic Holmes Theatre.

Submitted photo by Erik Dale

Submitted photo by Erik Dale

They put on events for the community like these every year, largely thanks to the Legacy Amendment that provides them grant opportunities.

For several years, the Holmes Theatre has received a grant from the Lakes Region Arts and Council (LRAC), giving the theater extra funding for a new idea of theirs. This year, that idea is holding monthly concerts from September to May on the stage of the Holmes Theatre.

"Basically the idea is that we close the front curtain of the stage and then we hold the entire concert on the actual stage itself," said Erik Dale, the theater's events director, who came up with the idea. "So the band is on the stage, the audience is on the stage, everything."

This onstage-only experience would fit between 50 to 75 people, versus the 800 that the theater can fit in the seats.

"It's a really intimate on-stage experience for a purposefully small group of people," the theater's Executive Director Amy Stoller Stearns said. "We've learned over the years that people really love to get up close and personal with artists. This is kind of a unique opportunity for people to be up close and for the artists to interact more intimately with the audience." 

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