7 Simple Hacks to Make Your Walk More Interesting

When it comes to fitness, walking is one of the best forms of exercise


Simply putting one foot in front of the other and adding a little oomph to your step has been shown to help maintain a healthy weight, strengthen bones and muscles, improve balance and coordination, and even aid in managing heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes according to the Mayo Clinic. If the physical benefits weren’t enough for you to get up and start stepping, the mood lift from “feel good chemicals” and brain boost from increased blood flow to the brain, should be. The only problem? Walking can get stale.

Strolling the same path each morning, continually passing that same tree on the trails, or (worse yet) running into that nosey neighbor every time you step out - can get old. But you don’t have to let monotony ruin your walk. Reach your active-minute goals while staying entertained with these fresh tips.

 Go On A Listening Walk

Instead of playing that same old walk/run playlist, unplug and tune in to your surroundings. How many different sounds can you hear on your usual route?

Test Out Your New Tech

Wearables, like the Fitbit Versa™, make it easy to track your steps. It has been shown that smartwatches can help people remain diligent in achieving their fitness goals. The new UnitedHealthcare® Sync (PPO) Medicare Advantage plan provides you the tools to stay active and healthy, and gives all members a free Fitbit Versa. See how many steps your walk is, and try and top it next time out.

Take In A Visual Feast

Transport yourself far from the everyday by thinking of your walk as an adventure. Absorb the visual beauty that familiarity makes easy to overlook. See how many different birds or flowers you find on your usual path. What shapes can you find in the clouds today?

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