New owners purchase the Inn at Dunvilla, reopen the hotel after it sat empty for a season

After sitting empty for the last year, the Inn at Dunvilla is open for business again, with new, eager owners.


"The hotel was built in 2016, so it's brand new, and it's in beautiful shape," said one of the new owners, Paul Schnettler.

Schnettler and his partner in the business, Doug Hoskin, say they saw the inn as an opportunity they just couldn't pass by. Schnettler says they bought it for a very reasonable price, and it was all but ready to go, which made it very appealing. They jumped at it and officially reopened the hotel May 15.

The previous owners, John and Linda Grefsrud, built the hotel in 2016 but lost the business two years later when it fell into debt and was repossessed by Minnesota National Bank, according to the Pelican Rapids Press. The Press also reported that the new owners purchased the hotel with no encumbrances from the previous owners and have "clear deed" to the property.

While it is a nearly new facility, the new owners are still looking to change a few things.

"We would like to attract a restaurant partner. We own 12 acres of land that came with the hotel, but we'd love to build a bar and grill or restaurant, either right next to the hotel or attached to the hotel, to complete this as kind of a destination in itself," Schnettler said. 

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